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William "Lamon" Thompson

October 7, 2008 - January 23, 2009


From the day he was born, Lamon's grin captured his mother's heart. She loved the way he would look up at her with "the sweetest grin on his face" whenever she would pick him up. "I got that grin at 4:00 am on the morning he was lifted by our Heavenly Father to be in the Kingdom," Andrea, Lamon's mother, says.

Coping with Lamon's death has been difficult for the baby's parents, Andrea and Vidal, as well as for his 18-year-old sister, Kristina.

"You have to take it one day at a time," Andrea says. "You have to be able to stand strong in whatever your faith is."

Andrea has taken special comfort in prayer and in being around other mothers who have suffered the death of a child.

To say a final goodbye to her baby brother, Kristina wrote a poem for Lamon. Together, the family has tried to cherish the memories they have of their baby boy while coming to terms with his death. This poem is one way they've been able to express that delicate balance.

God’s Little Blessing


We question

Looking for the answer

But afraid to seek it

Knowing that nothing you say

Can change or erase

What we feel

Or make our hearts heal

Any faster because we think

This isn’t how life should be

But ultimately

We know it’s in God’s hands

And he has a plan

A purpose for this life

That He gave to all of us

And I thank Him everyday

That I could even say

I love you little brother

And that’s a blessing in itself

Every time you laughed, you played

Every time you smiled, every cry you made

That’s a blessing

And for the short time in our life

What a difference you have made

You brightened up our days

And gave us so much joy

Now the Lord is watching my brother

Your precious baby boy

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