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Lillian Reese Thmas

November 14, 2007 - March 3, 2008


When Lilly received her first baby doll at Christmas with her cousin Bennett, who was born only a few days after Lilly, her parents couldn't have been happier.

Richard and Jennifer saw the beginning of what they thought would be a lifelong friendship between their daughter, Lilly, and her cousin. But just a few short months later, Lilly would be gone, taken by SIDS.

Her parents' dreams and hopes seemed shattered, but by holding on to their memories of Lilly, and allowing themselves to be held by their friends and family, they have moved forward, embracing the life they have.


Richard and Jennifer love to remember how Lilly would join in the fun, cheering on the Aggies with them -- complete with her very own Aggie jersey! When it wasn't game time, Lilly loved to go on walks with her mom or listen to Gammy and Poppy play the piano and sing for her.

"We could not believe the flowers, cards, food, and outpouring of love that we received," Richard and Jennifer said. "If we can have one prayer, it would be that Lilly's life be a testimony of Love and that we can survive this tragedy with grace that only God can give us, and find a way to turn this tragedy into something that can give Him glory."

Today, Lilly has a little sister Mia, whose arrival has provided tremendous joy and healing for her parents. They look forward to the day when the entire family will be reunited in eternal life.

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