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Why We Do It


SIDS America was born out of one family's pain and loss, but lives today to bring hope, help, and healing to all families who have experienced the death of a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

After the founders of SIDS America lost their son to SIDS, they discovered a vast lack of organized, faith-based grief support, guidance, resources, assistance, services, and financial support for SIDS families in the United States.

Thus, to fill that great void and to give grieving families the option to turn to a national, faith-based organization for support & resources, they founded SIDS America, recognized as one of the leading faith-based SIDS organizations in the country offering financial assistance, prayer, community outreach, and grief support to families suffering the loss of a child to SIDS.


Medical, funeral, burial, grave marker, grief counseling, and other emergency related costs often add a heavy burden on top of the trauma families are already experiencing after the death of a child to SIDS. Our unique approach of raising financial support within a grieving family's community helps twofold: it alleviates the costs related to the death of the child, and it creates a local support network that can assist SIDS America in supporting the family, as well as continue to follow-up personally with the family.


Parents grieving the loss of a child to SIDS often feel alone and hopeless in their grief. We are here to alleviate that sense of isolation. There is no more credible source of help than that from someone who has walked the same road. SIDS America personally connects grieving families with other families who have lost a child to SIDS who have since found help, hope, and healing and thus can help identify with, comfort, and encourage others. Also eliminating that sense of isolation and hopelessness is SIDS America's stories shared of real families overcoming the tragedy of SIDS and walking in restoration of hopes, dreams, and joy again.

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