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Lead a Local SIDS Support Group

"Thank you so much for starting this group. Even three years later it is such a warm feeling to be with others who can truly understand." -Amy, Texas



When you lead a SIDS support group for grieving parents in your hometown, you open a whole new world of hope, help, and healing.

For many parents who lose a baby to SIDS, one of the hardest parts is feeling that others simply can't understand what they're going through. A loving, Christian support group brings together individuals who can relate to one another's grief, while reminding them that Jesus knows their pain, grieves with them, and will heal their brokenness.

Because of the need to relate to one another, we ask that only parents who have lost a child of their own or trained counselors serve as support group leaders.

Serving as a leader of a SIDS Support Group requires a serious investment of time and energy, but the rewards are never-ending, both for you and for the families you serve.

If you'd like to lead a support group in your hometown, contact us today using the form below.

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Help Families take the first step toward healing

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