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Seek Help

SIDS America seeks to provide hope, help, and healing to families across the United States grieving the loss of a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

If you are a grieving parent, family member, or friend, we desire to serve you and walk with you through your grief and pain. We extend our deepest sympathy for your loss, and we are here to help you find hope, help, and healing.

Below are a few ways we can help, but please contact us today so we can better learn how we can serve you.

Seek Financial Help

Due to the needs we are currently serving, and the volume of applications received, we regretfully are unable to accept applications for financial assistance at this time. We are terribly sorry for your loss, and we would still very much like to help you through your grief in other ways. Grief support resources for SIDS families are available on our website here at We can also connect you with other families who have suffered the death of a child to SIDS who are experiencing hope, healing, and joy in their lives again. We can visit with you personally to walk with you in this most heartbreaking time. Please call us at 800-815-1306.


Request Prayer


"You hear, O LORD, the desire of the afflicted; you encourage them, and you listen to their cry,"

(Psalm 10:17)

Of all the help we can offer, none has more healing power than prayer. At SIDS America, it is an honor to pray for and with the families we serve.

Please click the link below to submit your prayer request, and our Prayer Team will be praying for you. With your prayer request, we will share only your first name and your city and state of residence.

Prayer Request >>

Find a Support Group


When Amy lost her baby to SIDS a few years ago, she thought the pain would never go away. Then, SIDS America reached out to Amy and invited her to Cheryl's support group. The pain never completely disappears, but hope and healing do come, especially with the help of others who have gone through the same tragedy and are living whole, healthy lives today.


Ways to Help Loved Ones When They Are Grieving


While there seem to be no words that can help at a time of such tragedy, saying nothing is actually worse. Here are some tips that can help.


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