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Grieving Families Find Hope, Help, Healing through SIDS America


COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO - A recent study from Children’s Hospital Boston has linked low seratonin levels to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, a discovery that may eventually help prevent tragic SIDS deaths. But in the mean time, thousands of families a year lose their babies to SIDS. In an instant, their world crumbles around them.

That’s why SIDS America is working to raise awareness about SIDS, teach SIDS prevention methods, and, most urgently, offer support to families whose babies have died from SIDS. The organization is working with families across the United States, providing financial and emotional support for them in the difficult months that follow their baby’s death.

With the loss of a child, come not only pain, confusion and grief, but also numerous financial burdens. Families are often unprepared and unable to meet the costs associated with the death of their son or daughter. Following the death of their child, families are faced with the tremendous financial burden of hospital, funeral and burial expenses.

“I have heard time and time again how there are families who have lost a child to SIDS, and they’re still paying that monthly minimum payment,” said Bill Darnell, SIDS America Founder and Executive Director. “Twenty bucks, forty bucks, years later. A constant reminder of their child’s death. By easing the financial burden and monthly bills associated with the death, SIDS America works with families to help them heal and move beyond the grief.”

Bill and Cheryl Darnell founded SIDS America, a national SIDS support resource center, after their son Billy died from SIDS.

“The hardest part about SIDS is that it hits unexpectedly and there’s no way to prepare for it -- emotionally or financially. Following the death of our Billy, we realized that there were very few people working to provide both emotional and financial support to families whose children die from SIDS,” Bill said. “SIDS America is here to fill that gap while also raising awareness about SIDS and helping to prevent more tragic deaths.”

SIDS America helps families across the United States. Cheryl Darnell offers a local SIDS Support Group for mothers. The group meets the first Tuesday of every month at La Madeleine Restaurant, with dinner provided by SIDS America.

“It is such a warm feeling to be with others who can truly understand,” said Amy, one of the group’s attendees. “I can still get quite emotional and I appreciate being able to just be myself.”

Families can learn more about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and seek financial and emotional support online at SIDS America is a registered 501(c)(3) national, Christian nonprofit. You can support SIDS America in its mission to bring hope, help, and healing to grieving families by donating online.

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