Seek Help

SIDS America seeks to provide hope, help, and healing to families across the United States grieving the loss of a child to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

If you are a grieving parent, family member, or friend, we desire to serve you and walk with you through your grief and pain. We extend our deepest sympathy for your loss, and we are here to help you find hope, help, and healing.

Below are a few ways we can help, but please contact us today so we can better learn how we can serve you.

Seek Financial Help

If your child has died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and you are in need of financial assistance for medical, funeral, burial, or grave marker costs relating to the child's death and/or you are in need of grief counseling for you or your immediate family, please fill out the SIDS America Financial Aid Application. Learn more

Request Prayer

Of all the help, we can offer, none has a more healing power than prayer. At SIDS America we count it a privilege to pray for our friends, supporters, and families in need. Learn more

Find a SIDS Support Group

Experiencing the loss of a child can be devastating, not just for the parents, but for everyone who loved the child. If you or someone you know has lost a baby to SIDS, we encourage you to reach out and seek help. Learn more

Ways to Help Loved Ones Who Are Grieving

While there seem to be no words that can help at a time of such tragedy, saying nothing is actually worse. Read Tips That Can help.

From Loss to Life: The SIDS America Blog

This blog is written by SIDS America co-founder, Cheryl Darnell, whose son Billy died from SIDS. The thoughts reflected here come from Cheryl's heart to encourage others who are also experiencing the death of a child from SIDS. Her desire is that you might find hope and healing through her words and know that you are not alone. Learn more