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We need your time, talents, and resources to help more grieving families find healing, hope, and joy again. Here are a few ways to get involved:

Donate Today

When you give to grieving families through SIDS America, you won't bring their babies back, but you will relieve the financial burdens that come with losing a child, and you'll put the family on a path toward hope, help, and healing. Learn more


From helping us identify families who have lost a child to SIDS to writing notes of encouragement to leading a local support group, there are many ways you can use your time and talent to provide hope, help, and healing. Learn more

Become a Prayer Partner

As one of our partners, we'll send you prayer requests for families like Cheryl's and update you on their progress. You'll give the ultimate gift to grieving families when you sign up to be a SIDS America Prayer Partner, and you'll receive the blessing of knowing that God is working directly through you. Learn more

Lead a Local SIDS Support Group

When you lead a SIDS support group for grieving parents in your hometown, you open a whole new world of hope, help, and healing. Learn more

Share Your Story

Whether you've lost a child to SIDS, know someone who has, or simply have valuable information to share about SIDS, your words have the power to bring hope, help, and healing to countless individuals. Learn more

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