This post is written by Martie Spurgeon, gifted writer and mother of 6. Her daughter Ally died of SIDS on December 13, 1997. Be blessed by Martie's hope-filled and encouraging words, birthed out of her own grieved-yet healing- heart.

Psalm 116:15 – “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

How different are our views of death compared to God’s thoughts on the subject.  To us, death of a loved one is something that is dreaded, feared and we are left many questions of how their death could have been avoided or prevented.  This is especially true when it was one of our dear little children.  How deep the pain!  How comforting to know that God views death in a completely different way.  

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.”

There are some verses in the Bible that take on a special meaning after the death of a baby.  For me, this was one of those verses.  The day our baby died my world shattered and felt completely out of control.  I faced the days following her death looking back trying to figure out what I could have done differently to have prevented such a horrible day from happening in our life.  

It has brought comfort to my heart on more than one occasion, to read this verse and to realize that God viewed that day completely different than I did.  While I felt my world was completely out of control, God viewed it as a “precious” day.  It was the day He welcomed my baby into Heaven.  I read the verse and think about that word ‘precious’.  It means:  valuable, glorious, splendid.  That is how God viewed that cold December morning when she took her last breath here on earth.  

He welcomed her into Heaven that day.  He revealed to her a place that was completely free of pain, fear and sin.  I have wondered so many times what those first few moments were like for her in Heaven.  Did she awaken in the arms of Jesus Himself?  Did He hold her and rock her for several minutes as she took in her new surroundings?  Quite honestly, I do not know all the little details of her first moments there, but someday I will experience it for myself.   Until then, I can only surmise.  However, I do know that it was complete bliss for her.  She felt no pain, had no fears and felt completely and totally at peace.  I know she saw Christ face to face, and in that view she was completely at rest.  

God views each home going as precious, for the moment Heaven is experienced is the moment when Christ reveals himself completely to the one He is welcoming into eternal rest.  God views that as ‘precious.'

Oh, to have eternal vision, to see beyond the hurt and grief and pain!  Oh, that we could see in our mind's eye that our little ones are home, free from all that binds us here, free from sin, free from pain.  If we could focus on that, meditate deeply upon their joy, we too would say, “Precious is the death of His saints.”


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