For the Mommies

May 10, 2010
Cheryl Darnell
Mother's Day

An email was sent to me last year by the aunt of a precious baby girl who died of SIDS in April 2009. She was asking for advice on what to say to the baby's parents. It was Mother's Day weekend, and the aunt told me, "I feel an extra layer of sadness that (the baby's mommy) will be suffering this weekend- her first Mother's Day....I want to acknowledge that she is a wonderful Mom.....but I don't know if it would be better to let the holiday go by 'un-announced.'"

Especially for those of you who have suffered the death of your first and only child, you might feel so empty and sad on Mother's Day. You may question whether you still qualify for recognition on this day. But no more does the absence of your child here on earth mean you're not a mother than does the absence of one's parent mean he/she is no longer that parent's son or daughter.

From the moment of conception, life grew inside you, and you became a mother. The nurturing and love you provided your baby in the womb was no less important than the love and nurturing you gave your child from the moment he/she was born. You conceived, carried, and birthed a child-- took care of that baby inside you for 9 months, and then loved and cared for your baby every single day for the rest of his/her life. If you adopted your baby, your motherhood began with the conception of your dream for a child. And you'll never stop loving your baby.

You are absolutely, forever a mother. Others may not see the evidence cradled in your arms or tugging at your leg in line at the grocery store. Because that evidence- a piece of you- now resides in Heaven.  But you are still your daughter's- your son's- Mommy.

And you deserve great honor today.

Happy Mother's Day, Mommy.


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