Fast Facts About SIDS


Playful Baby

  • SIDS claims 8 babies every day in the United States. That's approximately 3000 lives each year.
  • SIDS is declared the cause of death only after all other known and possible causes of death have been ruled out.
  • SIDS has no warning signs and occurs quickly and suddenly, most often while babies are sleeping. Death is the first and only symptom.
  • Babies who have died of SIDS reveal no apparent signs of having suffered or struggled. 
  • Nothing can prevent SIDS from occurring, and it can claim any baby, even when all steps are taken to help reduce the risk of SIDS.  
  • SIDS claims the lives of infants who appeared perfectly healthy before death, even to their pediatricians.  
  • SIDS occurs in families of all ethnicities and socioeconomic levels.
  • SIDS is NOT contagious or hereditary.
  • SIDS is NOT caused by immunizations, choking, suffocation, smothering, or apnea.
  • SIDS is NOT a result of child neglect or abuse.